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Sep 24, 2011 6:00pm PDT
and romney jockeyed for support in michigan. >> nice to see you this morning. >> reporter: home turf for the former massachusetts governor who grew up in michigan when his father was governor there and where romney captured the g.o.p. primary in 2008. >> hopefully the people of this state will support me like they did last time. >> reporter: romney has hammered perry for calling social security a ponzi scheme and for allowing illegal immigrants to receive a discounted in-state college tuition. >> if you're opposed to illegal immigration, it doesn't mean that you don't have a heart. it means that you have a heart and a brain. >> reporter: the battle between perry, romney, and the rest of the republican field may come down to who is seen seine as the better conservative versus who is seen as more electable. >> if i had to pick between the two i would pick perry because i think of romney as more establishment. >> reporter: in a cbs news/"new york times" poll last week, republicans were split on whether they want a nominee who agrees with them on the issues or who can just beat the presi
Sep 16, 2011 7:00pm EDT
. >> reporter: she'll get no argument from 85-year-old michigan democrat john dingell, the longest-serving congressman. >> is there anyone among u.s. here that are proud that we could not produce a budget? that we caused the downgrading of the u.s. government securities? >> reporter: several lawmakers came back from the august break saying they'd got the message and want to work together. but jacquelyn sturges of chicago is skeptical. she has heard it before. >> what is the problem when some of the best educated people in this nation cannot sit down and bring a resolution to a problem plaguing this country? would someone please explain that to me? >> reporter: americans feel slightly better about their own member of congress. 33% in our poll saying that they believe their own representative deserves to be reelected. but, scott, even that is close to an historic low. >> pelley: thanks, nancy. there was something else we noticed in the poll about congress. we've been taking these polls for decades and almost always when folks say they don't like congress, they make an exception for their own
Sep 26, 2011 5:30pm PDT
anointing a front-runner. on sunday after appearing at another straw poll in michigan perry was crushed by top rival mitt romney who grew up in the state. after his lackluster debate performance, perry reportedly told party leaders he was tired but conservative insiders are actively trying to find another candidate to get in the race. several have reached out to new jersey governor chris christie who so far has flatly rejected invitations to jump in. >> i said, what do i have to do short of suicide to convince people i'm not running? >> reporter: as for rick perry, scott, his stumbles particularly hurt at this time because he's out there crisscrossing the country, meeting potential donors and trying to persuade them to give some big-time money for his new campaign. >> reporter: jan, thank you very much. there has been another major breach of security around the u.s. embassy compound in kabul, afghanistan. today one american was killed, another wounded when a gunman opened fire inside the c.i.a. station there. two weeks ago, the embassy was under siege for more than 20 hours with
Sep 1, 2011 6:30pm EDT
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Sep 27, 2011 6:30pm EDT
should make of the latest numbers. >> reporter: in their ferndale, michigan, home, ray and brianna scott are underwater. deep underwater. >> it's terrible. it's... it's not the way it should be. >> reporter: six years ago, they bought the house they're raising their two sons in for $132,000. but we have been a slight increase in value in recent months, it's now worth only about $80,000. >> we're $50,000, roughly, in the hole. we're probably never going to get that back. >> reporter: not at this race. the case shiller survey found in 18 of 20 metropolitan areas, house prices have declined over the past year. only detroit and washington, d.c. have seen slight gains. what will it take for the housing to get bet recovery? >> why is there going to be a housing recovery? >> reporter: economist robert shiller, co-founder of the case shiller index, has tracked home values back to 1890. >> home prices are not high anymore but they're not low by historical standards. so if confidence were to slip more home prices could fall further. >> reporter: shiller's chart shows that, leaving out the ho
Sep 4, 2011 6:00pm PDT
michigan. >> you don't have to come pay for gas to come to the beach close to my house. >> reporter: if history is any indication gas prices typically ease by mid-september when the summer driving season is over. cynthia bowers, cbs news, chicago. >> mitchell: and an alarming moment at the u.s. open today for spain's rafael nadal talking with reporters shortly after his third round victory. nadal was stricten by painful leg cramps. and at one point even slid off his chair to the floor. after treatment he recovered and continued his news conference. later, not funny. comedian sound off after the show goes on without jerry lewis. that story is next. with alzheimer's disease. at's how it s she needs help from me. and her medication. the exelon patch -- it releases medication continuously for twenty-four hours. she uses one exelon patch daily for the treatment of mild to moderate alzheimer's symptoms. [ female announcer ] it cannot change the course of the disease. hospitalization and rarely death have been reported in patients who wore more than one patch at a time. the most common sid
Search Results 0 to 13 of about 14 (some duplicates have been removed)